Sociology of European Cinema


Europe is at the centre of global attention for many reasons: in contemporary times the European integration project, the economic and debt crisis, terrorism, and the wave of migration stand out. But how does Europe perceive itself, its own history, and its own future? If European integration is about some kind of idea of a European future, of European belonging and togetherness, and also of a European role in the world, and the ‘export’ of humanist values, how should we imagine this European future?

The course Sociology of European Cinema is an attempt to explore these issues with a particular emphasis on sociological matters, such as social, political and cultural differences between Eastern and Western European societies, protests against the economic crisis of 2008, and the socio-economic impact of the crisis, the common histories of the Second World War, communism and fascism, and the future of the European integration project. The course aims at advancing sociological knowledge of, and through, cinema as well as at ameliorating linguistic capacities.


Meeting 1 – Lars von Trier – Europa

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Meeting 2 – Ken Loach – Land and Freedom

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