The JM Chair in European Political Sociology (Europos) offers a well—integrated and multifaceted course cluster in the Sociology of European Integration. This is new and promising sub-field in sociology,[1] which is highly relevant in the contemporary times of multiple crises and uncertainty reigning in European societies in general and on the EU-level in particular.

The Europos cluster offers introductory as well as specialized courses, attractive to local as well as international students from different disciplines (e.g. Sociology, Anthropology, Communications and Media, Economics and Finance, Public Policy and Administration, Law, Political Science, Humanities, Psychology, Geography). The emphasis is on European integration, human rights, constitutional politics, and the economy, and contention and protest. Also, an exciting new course in the Sociology of European Cinema is launched.

Europos organizes two events per semester: Teaching Europe and Debating Europe. It will further engage in research as well as the organization of international conferences.



[1]Cf. H.J. Trenz, C. Ruzza, C., & V. Guiraudon (eds) (2015). Europe’s Prolonged Crisis: The Making or the Unmaking of a Political Union. Palgrave Macmillan; Niilo Kauppi (ed.) (2014), A Political Sociology of Transnational Europe, ECPR Press.